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The Graphics Codex 1.1 Update Feature List

The Graphics Codex version 1.1 went live on the App Store Jan. 31, 2012.  This post lists the features.  I prioritize features for each update based on the poll on the web page, so vote there for what you want to see next.

New in version 1.1:
  • Searchable index
  • Fast startup time
    • About 1s for the first load on iPad 2 and iPhone 4; may be slower on iPad 1 and iPhone 3
    • Instantaneous load when switching apps
  • Smooth scrolling
    • Type annotations for all equations and new button for showing and hiding them
    • Reorganized all matrix topics under a single heading
    • New diagrams
      • Refraction/Snell's law
      • Ray-Triangle intersection
    • New topics
      • Unprojecting from a depth buffer
      • Arithmetic mean
      • Geometric mean
      • Expected value
      • Variance
      • Area of a 3D triangle
      • 4 matrix determinant
      • n matrix determinant
      • C++ method pointer syntax
      • Greek alphabet (+XML, HTML, Unicode, LaTeX, ASCII codes)
      • Shadow map pseudocode, with PCF
    • Mathematical corrections
      • Fixed minus signs and added supersampling offsets to projection matrices
      • Fixed the vector diagram for triangle solid angle
    • Many small refinements to existing topics

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