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The Graphics Codex 1.2 Feature List

The Graphics Codex 1.2 update will be available on the App Store at the end of February. This post describes development work on this update.

I choose features based on community feedback. E-mail feature requests and corrections to me (Morgan) at or tweet @CasualEffectsVote on major feature priority on the web page.

Confirmed changes in 1.2:
  • New features
    • Rewrote user interface from scratch for faster loading and scrolling
    • Buttons are easier to press
    • Scrollbar indicators
    • New look (see below)
  • New topics
    • Euler Characteristic
    • Euler Formula
    • The Sun, including spectrum and radiance
    • New diagrams for intersection topics
    • LaTeX includegraphics documentation, space, and font-size tables
    • n-dimensional Convolution
    • n-dimensional Cross-Correlation
    • Table of LaTeX, HTML, Unicode, and ASCII math symbols
    • Axis-angle to unit quaternion
    • Quaternion product
    • Manhattan distance
  • Corrections
    • Sideways scrolling for large tables and figures on iPhone
    • Consistent font sizes on iPhone
    • Rotation from Unit Quaternion topic [quat2mat] now works
    • Corrected definition of psi in [sphry], [sphrz]
    • Restored the missing 1's in [trns3]

    New look:

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