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How to Embed a PDF file into a Blogger Blog Post

PDF is a commonly used file type that retains its formatting nicely between various computer platforms and can be opened but not easily changed by anyone who has downloaded and installed a freely available PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader or my personal favorite Nitro Reader.

I have recently been asked, "How can I attach a PDF file to a Blogger Blog post"?  Unfortunately the answer is you cannot...  however, you can embed a PDF document into a Blog post and the following steps will show you how to do it.

Step 1.  Login to your Google Account.

Step 2.  When logged in you will see a "Black Tool Bar" along the top of the web page.  In this black tool bar you will select "Drive".

Step 3.  You need to create a Folder that will contain Documents that anyone can view, so select "Create" then select "Folder".
Step 4.  Give the new folder a name such as "Public" or "Shared". 

Step 5.  Select your "Public" folder and from drop down box select "Share -> Share".

Step 6.  Change "Who has access" from "Private" to "Public on the web".

Step 7.  Open your Public (or Shared)  folder and select the "Upload icon", then choose "Files" and then find and open the PDF file from your computer.
Step 8.  Select "Upload and share" then choose "Share" and then "Done".

Step 9.  Open the newly uploaded PDF file in Google Docs (just double-click the file).

Step 10.  From "File" menu select "Embed this PDF file".

Step 11.  Select and copy all of the HTML code that appears.
Step 12.  Open Blogger (Black menu bar, More->Blogger) and create a new Blog post.

Step 13.  With Blogger's editor window open, select the "HTML" button and then paste the HTML code into the window.

Step 14.  You may need to modify the width and height values to get the embedded PDF file to display correctly on your Blog.  Use the Preview option to test new values.

When you are happy with the size of the embedded PDF file you can simply select "Publish"

That is it, you have now embedded a PDF document into a Blogger Blog post.  I hope you found this guide useful.


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