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This is the first of a five-part series that answers the question, "WHY BLENDED LEARNING?"

Teachers… are you asking these questions? 

1)   How can I post class work, lessons, and resources for my students to access online?
2)   How can I incorporate more multimedia (video, audio, flash) into the daily learning?
3)   Is there a place where students can submit work and I can assess their learning… entirely online?
4)   How can I differentiate my instruction and inspire collaboration to meet the needs of all of my students?
5)   Is there something I can use to help students build an electronic portfolio?

may be the answer...
The Learning Management System (LMS)* allows teachers to post course content so students can access course material anytime, anywhere. 

Many teachers maintain class websites but seem to always be searching for more capabilities and features. The LMS replaces or improves almost all of the capabilities of traditional websites.

In addition, teachers using the LMS can:
  •  post course content, including multimedia, for students to access at any time
  • receive student work into an online dropbox
  • assess student work and provide descriptive feedback, all online
  • provide course information with the news & calendar features
  • provide ongoing communication to students & parents
  • engage students in rich class discussions
  • help students create and maintain online, or e-portfolios
  • and much more!
Blended Learning and e-Learning teachers can customize course content to meet the unique needs of the students in their class.Teachers using a blended approach can use as much or as little of this content and supplement it with their own digital resources.

Every course in the LMS is populated with the identical content that e-Learning teachers have access to when they deliver online courses. Developed by teachers and e-Learning Ontario, all course content aligns directly with Ontario curriculum expectations.  Teachers can create direct hyperlinks to all of the interactive learning objects, online quizzes, LEARN 360 videos, and other resources found in the OERB. 

Download the Printable version and to learn how you can start.