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Busy B's Bringing Blended Learning to Brennan

Matt Bauer and Pam Burke, technology teachers in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, spend most of their day working with spreadsheets, presentations (Powerpoint), and pretty much anything in a digital format. 

Matt and Pam needed a way to manage all of the files that students were submitting. Like many teachers, they were carrying around a whole bunch of Flash drives, or having the kids email files to them, or even having the kids login to their 'school teacher space' and save it there... it's exhausting just thinking about it. 

The Learning Management System (LMS) 
has solved these problems.
As part of the Blended Learning program, Matt and Pam have created VIRTUAL DROPBOXES to receive all of these files from the students. 

Matt has received more than 100 files into virtual dropboxes.

Once the files are placed in the dropbox, Matt can download them,
or even just view them online and leave feedback for each of his students. 

Pam has received more than 250 files from students
and has assessed many of them right online.  

Matt and Pam have also used many of the other great features including:

          • posting NEWS items and instructions
          • posting CLASS ASSIGNMENTS
          • embedding POWERPOINT presentations for the kids to view at any time

For more information, please contact Joe Sisco (e-Learning Contact) for the WECDSB.

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