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Putting your Google Docs online

Google Applications for Education allows users to create dynamic and engaging presentations, or slideshows. Further, Google supports learning and collaboration by offering the ability to share presentations. Once a presentation is published, it is easily embedded into a website, blog, or Learning Management System.

The presentation below was created as a Google Presentation and embedded into this blog. The beauty of embedding is that each time the owner of the presentation (in this case, me!) makes a change, it is automatically updated here.
This provides an excellent solution for teachers who wish to post class presentations, or slideshows, for students to access. Teachers may also embed documents, forms, and drawings, all updated in real time!
Below is a screenshot of a Google Presentation embedded on a class homepage in the Ontario Provincial Learning Management System.

Please note that many web tools (prezi, INFOGRAPHICS, YouTube videos, etc.)
offer embed codes for use in this way.

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