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Favorite Films from Annecy 2013

Top three:

1. Miss Todd
Miss Todd
Kristina Yee 2013
A paper-cutout musical, historical fiction (pleasantly heavy on facts), feminist tract, and fun story. That it was also a student graduation film is amazing. This was my favorite film of the festival.

2. Will
Eusong Lee 2012
The saddest and most emotionally effective short I have ever seen at the festival.  I cried and wanted to run from the theatre once it became clear where this was going.  If the last 15 seconds were cut, then it would be perfect.

3. La Grosse BĂȘte
Pierre-Luc Granjon 2013
Well animated, with a compelling story. This also acts as a precise allegory in a world debating civil rights vs. security.  The timing and direction are flawless and masterful.

Other highlights:

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