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Gizmos on the iPad

One of the biggest drawbacks with the iPad could be its lack of ability to play Flash objects. For the most part this is becoming less of an issue as more and more sites adopt HTML5 as their standard. But for older sites that were built on Flash, they might be slow in making the switch, or deciding to not make the switch or have chosen some other alternative to accommodate the Cult of Apple.

Seeing that so many iPads have been introduced into schools I am sure that is why Explore Learning has decided to do the latter and created an app that allows you to access all of the Gizmos on the iPad. There was an earlier version that was a Sampler of some Gizmos but now the full compliment of Gizmos are now available on the new app (or at least it looks like all of them).

Once you have downloaded the app (which is free from the iTunes store) you then have two ways to use the Gizmos:

1. Open the Gizmos app on your device and your regular Gizmos login (or your students can use theirs) and you are in. Just choose your Gizmo and go to town.

The drawback of this one is that your students won't have access to all the assessment modules and class management features. 

2. The other way is to go and log into the website version (through Safari or other browser) on your iPad and then when you tap to go to the Gizmo you want you will see a new screen that has the assessment questions and a button to open the Gizmo on the Gizmo app.
Besides having all the class management and assessment features available here, one of the nice things about this one is that when you have set your classes up and your students log in, they can easily get to the Gizmos you have added to your class. 

Once in the app you should notice that the Gizmos look and behave almost identical to what you would see on a computer.
On the iPad
On the Computer

So rejoice, those of you who have been asking for Gizmos on the iPad. They are finally here.

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