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Guest Post: EDpuzzle- Import Videos and Incorporate Questions

EDpuzzle is a free tool that allows you to import videos from sources such as Youtube, Ted Talks, etc and then edit the videos and incorporate questions for the students to complete into the videos.  The program then tallies the performance of your students and displays the results.

Personally I have used it for:
  • Review of material
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Completing simple material that I do not want to spend class time on.

The students I have used it with have found it very easy to use and seem to enjoy interacting with the videos.  Furthermore, once an EDpuzzle is created it is available for anyone to use, so you can search EDpuzzle itself for videos related to your topic of interest.

Instructions for Setting up an EDpuzzle

Step 1 - Create a teacher account
Simple follow the onscreen instructions.  I would recommend using your Mytools2go account as your log in.

Step 2 - Create a Class

Once you are logged in as a teacher you will see a screen like the one above and you will select ‘Add Class’ from the left bar.  This will create your class and provide you with a class code as seen in the middle of the screen above.  This code you would tell to your students and when they sign in as a student they simple join your class by inputting this code and anything that you assign will be visible to them.

Step 3 - Create a video

Select ‘My Content’ then click on Create → New Video
You will then copy and paste the link to the video you have chosen to have the students watch in the search tab and press enter this will then take you to a new screen that will allow you to begin editing and adding questions to the video.

You then press play and have the video begin.

Once you reach a point in the video in which you want to have the students engage by asking them a question or polling what they think before the answer is given you pause the video and select the question mark icon along the top.

This will then cause a question mark to appear along the video progress bar.  You will press this question mark and then select the type of question you wish to ask either an open response or a multiple choice.

You type your question and the possible solutions and click save.  You can repeat this for as many questions as you wish to ask.

Once you have finished adding question you simply hit save at the top and then finish.  It will then prompt you assign the video to your class.

Adam Mills
Mathematics and Physics Teacher
Assumption College Catholic High School

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