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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Assessments with Google Forms

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Assessments with Google Forms

Google Forms is an easy but powerful tool for teachers to create online assessments for their students. And with the help of the Flubaroo add-on, the quizzes can be graded automatically as well. There are many benefits for using online assessments with students:
  • Quicker feedback - With autograding quizzes, students can get their results in a matter of minutes, rather than having to wait until the next day (at the soonest) to see if they understand the material or need more help.
  • More frequent assessments - Since the quizzes can be graded electronically, teachers can easily give small assessments each day or so, giving teachers much more frequent feedback on how their students are doing, and if they need to adjust their instruction.
  • Statistics - Since the assessments are digital, so are the results, which makes it much easier to do item analysis, look for patterns, and determine where the needs are.
  • Collaboration - With digital assessments it is easy for teacher to collaborate with their colleagues when writing the quizzes, or to share assessments with other staff for their use.
  • Special Needs - By going digital we are also able to take advantage of assistive technology. For example, with online assessments students can zoom in as needed, and use text to speech to read the questions.
  • Multimedia - Online assessments don’t just have to be digital versions of the same old paper and pencil tests. Instead we can incorporate colour images and videos to provide a richer experience.
  • Savings - And of course going paperless can help save on paper, ink, and budgets.
And there are probably many more benefits as well. The next question then is … 
how do you create, distribute, and grade online assessments?

See below for a large collections of resources I have created to give you everything 
you need from getting started to advanced techniques. You will find two videos
each an hour long, as well as several help guides and slideshows.

 Help Guide - "Using Google Forms for Online Assessments" - Google Document link

Article Written by: Eric Curts Small adaptations were made to the article for the purpose of this blog.  Click HERE to visit Eric's website and view the full article. 

Eric Curts is an Authorized Google Education Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator.  His website Control Alt Achieve features extensive resources that he has created over the years focusing on transforming education with technology.  

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