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Guest Post: Creating Assessments with Google Forms

This is a summary of a session that was run by Paul Gebrael on our tech PD day last week to create a Google Form for surveys, quizzes and tests.

Step 1: Log into your MyTools2Go (or Gmail) account

Step 2: Select your drive

Step 3: Create a Google form. Go to New→ More→ Google Forms
Step 4: Begin creating your Google Form! This video may help
Step 5: Once you have completed your Form, send out the live link. You can do this by creating a  You could create a group in gmail. You could add the link to your Google Classroom or LMS Website.
Step 6: Collecting your responses. After your students have completed the test, quiz etc, their information is stored in a spreadsheet.
Step 7: Grading your assessment. Once you have collected your results, you will then run an add-on called Flubaroo. You will go to 1. Add-ons, 2. Grade assignment. This video may help:
Next, you’ll be prompted to assign weights to each question, discard questions etc.Leave it as the default, unless you have special questions.
Step 8: Mark your assessment. At this point you would have taken the quiz, test etc yourself and created the answer key. Select your answer key. I have labeled mine AnswerKey . See below.
Step 9: Marks are generated. You’ll receive a summary of your results, the average out of the possible points and how students did on each question.
Step 10: Sharing Grades. When you’re ready to share your grades, you simply go to Flubaroo, Share Grades.
You will be prompted to this screen. Here, you may add a message, include an answer key and send your emailed grades to the students who completed the quiz.
Once you are done, be sure to turn your form off, so no other entries come in after the allotted time for the assessment. In edit view, simply click the “accepting responses” button.
You will then see this dialogue box, which notifies you that the quiz is no longer accepting responses.

Extra Video Resources: 

Paul Gebrael
Math Teacher
Catholic Central High School

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