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Graphics and Games Lecture Videos

This blog post archives all of my video lectures on computational graphics, virtual reality, and film and media studies topics. I will add to the post as more talks are digitized. Links are to project pages. Following the SIGGRAPH system, I'm rating these "Advanced," "Intermediate," and "Beginner" based on how much knowledge each lecture assumes about games and graphics from the audience.


(SIGGRAPH 2016 Invited Talk)

(I3D 2016 Research Paper)


(I3D 2013 Invited Talk)


(Williams 2016 Faculty Lecture Series)

(Williams 2016 Alumni Talk)

Morgan McGuire (@morgan3d) is a professor at Williams College, a researcher at NVIDIA, and a professional game developer. His most recent games are Project Rocket Golfing for iOS and Skylanders: Superchargers for consoles. He is the author of the Graphics Codex, an essential reference for computer graphics now available in iOS and Web Editions.

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