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Google Sites Is New and Improved! New Google Sites


Google Sites Gets a Much Needed UPDATE!

Google Sites has been completely revamped from the ground up.  NO upgrade here.  The new Sites is modern, comfortable to use and, professional.  I need to be fair in my assessment and state that Sites Classic wasn't difficult to use, but it was challenging to get a site looking professional without much effort.

The new Google Sites has a preview mode that will allow you to see how your page looks on a computer, tablet or phone.  Just click on the icon in the bottom right to change your view.  Your web page is automatically formatted for the device.

Mobile View

All Sites are automatically formatted for any computer or mobile device!

Sites will allow you to insert pictures or colours for backgrounds.  Sites will automatically adjust the image so the text will show through and make it easy for the viewer!  If you don't like the changes you can turn it off.

The White text is lost in this light coloured graphic choice.

Google Sites automatically changed the font colour and lightened the graphic to increase readability

Who can access the NEW Google Sites?

The New Google Sites is not available for the general public yet.  Only institutions or individuals with special access to the preview this tool will be able to use it at this time.  The good news is WECDSB staff and students with a MyTools2Go account have full access to the New Google Sites right away!

How Can I Get Started?

Staff and students can access the New Google Sites through Google Drive.

1) Log in to MyTools2Go

2) Access Google Drive

3) Choose "New", "More",              "Google Sites"

Full Collaboration

Like all tools in MyTools2Go (GAFE) the New Google Sites allows for complete collaboration.  This differentiates the New Google Sites from other high-quality website creators like Wix as multiple users can be working on the same page at that same time.

What about Google Sites Classic?

For now, all of your Classic Sites are fine.  You can continue to use the old interface to make new websites.  Google is working on a transition tool that will move your Google Sites Classic website to the New Google Sites.  My guess would be Google Sites Classic will be sunsetted in August of next year.


Demo Site

For Great Cheat Sheet on the New Google Sites click on HERE

New Google Sites Tutorial Video:

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