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Phising Anyone? Some Great Tips to Protect Yourself

Phishing Anyone?  Some Great Tips to Protect Yourself

Phishing is the process of sending an email falsely claiming to be a genuine email from a legitimate, and often well-known enterprise.
For example, you may receive an email from a banking institution.  The page will look EXACTLY like the banking login page. If you look carefully at the web address the domain is different and the site is being used to collect your information.

Typically, a phishing email will imitate a popular brand, and may use their company logo for a professional and authentic design. Usually, the email will contain a link to a phishing website, which will look and feel very similar to the site it attempts to mimic. From there, you may be asked to enter personal details such as passwords and bank account numbers, which the sender can then harvest for their own illegal use.
Vishing is the telephone equivalent of phishing. Someone will call pretending to represent a legitimate business, and attempt to scam the user into handing over personal details which can then be used to perform identity theft.
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