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New Comic Creation Tool

The Ministry is pleased to announce that Pixton Comics has been licensed for use by all publicly funded schools across the province. Similar to Bitstrips, Pixton is an online comic creation tool that serves as a digital storytelling tool for students. 


  • Students and teachers can make comic strips, storyboards, character maps, and more. 
  • Presets include 3000 backgrounds, 2000 props, 700 characters, 300 poses and expressions. 
  • Teachers can access a library of lesson plans and activity templates for all subject areas.
Click this link - Pixton for an overview. 
To register, click “Try Pixton Now” and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Student Accounts 
You can add your students by one of two methods: 
  1. Input a list of usernames and passwords. The “auto-complete” function makes username and password generation quick and easy. 
  2. Share your group-specific Activation Link with students. Students choose their own usernames and passwords. 
Click the (?) button at the bottom right corner of Pixton to open the Help Centre. 

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