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MAKEY MAKEY, It Is Only the Beginning!

Today I had the pleasure to visit St. Rose Catholic Elementary school today and was able to participate in some of their class work using Makey Makey.  Makey Makey is a program board that allows our students to interact with a computer in a very simple but creative way.  In no time students are bringing to life their own creations by adding audio to their own instruments, or sound effects to personal works of art for example.

Rather than write about it I created a quick video to show you some of the really exciting activities going on at St. Rose in a grade 3 class!  Thank you, Mrs Sidi for allow me to visit and Mrs Clement for the invite.

This is only the beginning....

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Grade 3 classes that have chosen to participate in the Board Robotics program will be receiving a Makey Makey for their school!

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