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Google Forms and the Quiz Feature

Google Forms and the Quiz Feature:

Google Forms has added a new feature which allows teachers added functionality to Forms to automatically mark a quiz and share feedback to name a few.  In the past add-ons such as Flubaroo would assist in this task.  Flubaroo is much more advanced but if you are looking for a quick hitter Google Forms is more than up to the task.

Login to MyTools2Go, 0pen up Google Drive and create a new Google Form to get started.  Choose the Gear at the top of the screen to get the menu above.  Select the Quizzes option to access the Quiz features.  You can choose what information to share with students when they have completed the quiz and what information they see.

 If you choose to have Google collect student email address through MyTools2Go you can choose to email out their results when everyone has completed the quiz or give them immediate feedback as shown below.

Google allows teachers to select the correct answer and include not only the correct answer to the student but also provide links and feedback as to why the answer is correct or false!

Click on the Video below for a quick overview of Google Forms and the Quiz Feature.

Click on the YOUTUBE button inside the video for a better view.

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