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CMS School Supply List

I've had some questions about the CMS school supply list. I recommend that you keep it pretty basic for the beginning of the school year and teachers will let you know specifics as we get into the groove of school. If you have any questions, please let me know.

All students need:
Paper (loose leaf and notebook)
6th-8th grade PE - Black shorts and white/gray shirt/socks/Sneakers that tie/towel/deodorant
5th graders don't need PE clothes, but they do need sneakers that tie.
Students are welcomed to decorate/organize their lockers with a couple of limitations in mind: No Tape of any kind and no writing/drawing. The school will provide locks and those are the only locks allowed.

I'm looking forward to the coming school year and having all of our students back in the building.

Mr. Dressel

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