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Chadron Schools Receive High Praise During Accreditation Review

(Submitted by Dr. Caroline Winchester, Supt.)

Proud of Chadron Public School’s (CPS) Family and Community

I am so proud of the CPS Family and Community.

Chadron Public Schools recently completed their AdvancED Engagement Review as part of the district’s accreditation process. While the official report will not be available for 30 days below are highlights of the findings.

The district’s Instructional Framework was noted as a strength.   43 classrooms were visited. The classroom learning environment observation tool called eleot showed scores significantly exceeded the AdvancED average.  The engagement review team leader said the eleot scores were the highest he has ever seen.

Another strength was Relationships throughout the system.  The team leader noted relationships were huge in all areas and the extensiveness of community partnerships and relationships was the highest he has seen in a district the size of Chadron.  Thank you Chadron Community for partnering with CPS to enhance and enrich learning for our students.

The third strength was System-wide Leadership.  61 of the 66 AdvancED Standards were found to be in the Impact Category.  Impact is about the embeddedness of the standards, meaning the standard is deeply ingrained in the culture and operations of the institution.

As one of the reviewers was leaving they said, “Chadron is a special place.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

Dr. Caroline B. Winchester, Superintendent

Chadron Public Schools

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