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Change for Changing Lives Drive a Success

(Taken from Mrs. Uhing's Blog -

This year students from Chadron Public Schools and Sioux County Schools participated in our Change for Changing Lives Campaign in November.  Chadron Community Hospital’s Change for Changing Lives is a program that involves the participation of local schools in fundraising competitions to benefit our Circle of Light Program, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance directly to local cancer patients.  The competition pits all classes within the school against each other to see which class can raise the most money within a month.  There is only one winning class within each school; the winning class receives a catered Subway party on the date of their choosing.  The winners from CPS were Ms. Larson, Ms. Motz, Ms. O’Boyle and the 5th and 6th grade class from SCS.  They raised a total of $1851.67 that will go to help assist local cancer patients and their families. 

We are so thankful for our partners at Subway and in the schools for making this such a success.  This is the second annual Change for Changing Lives Campaign and we raised twice the amount we did last year!

A little change can make a big change in someone’s life and we are very grateful to all our cancer warriors!

Big THANK YOU to Chadron Public Schools, Sioux County-Harrison Schools and all the students who raised money this year for the Change for Changing Lives campaign! The $1850  you raised goes directly to help cancer patients in our area through our Circle of Light Program. We would also like to thank Subway for partnering with us to provide our winning classrooms with a much deserved Subway party.  A little change can make a big change in our community!

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