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CS Education Week Starts Today!

Classrooms across the globe are trying out coding for 1 hour this week.  Why?  Coding helps our students develop skills that are valuable no matter what you do!  Computation thinking, problem-solving, self-directed learning, perseverance, brainstorming & collaboration are just a few that come to mind.
There is something for everyone!

Example: Can I Make the Sun Set? : Students will get an introduction to programming by making a sun set over a city landscape 

Code Your Hero Student Activities - CS First
CS First has a new activity where students get to Code their Own Hero.  Not only does this activity introduce our students to programming through self-directed videos, it's also a great connection into writing for a purpose, justifying your claim and identifying what qualities a hero has. Click the link below to try it out with your class.

Grade 9 and Beyond: Code Your Own Filter

Students love their filters whether on Instagram, Snapchat or just taking a photo.  In this Hour of Code activity, students will use Grasshopper, a text-based programming language to create their own filters.  Talk about blending social media, art, design and coding all into one!

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