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How to Setup ePSXe for PC

How to Setup ePSXe for PC

How to Setup ePSXe for PC - Who doesn't know about ePSXe, almost the average game lover who has long known about this application. ePSXe ,  is a tool used to run PS 1 / PS 2 games on a PC or Laptop that has the .iso format. This time I will share ePSXe tools version 2.0.5  which is the latest version for Windows (32 / 64bit).

How to set ePSXe :
How to Setup ePSXe for PC

1. Download ePSXe version 2.0.5
2. Extract the downloaded file
3. Open the "ePSXe205" folder then run the "ePSXe.exe" file (marked with a white joystick)
4. Choose "scph1001 - US (Recomended)", click next
5. If your VGA is hot (Intel HD / AMD) select "ePSXe GPU core 2.0.0", if your laptop / PC has VGA (Nvidia / ATI) select "Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0" or "Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 "

6. Select "ePSXe SPU core 2.0.0", click next
7. Choose "ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 2.0.0", click next
8. For "Controller 1 and Controller 2" can be adjusted at will / default settings (using the keyboard). But if you want to use a USB / PS2 stick converter USB, please use the settings as below, when it's done click OK, next.

How to Setup ePSXe for PC

9. Click done.

To run the file / run game:

1. Click "File"
  • Click "Run CDROM" if using a cassette (DVD Drive)
  • Click "Run ISO" (Select the game file format .iso, .bin, .cue, .ccd, .mds, .pbp, .ecm)

2. Then click "Open", and the game will immediately run.
3. If you want to exit / exit the game, just press "esc" or it can also be through "Task Manager> ePSXe.exe> ​​End progress.

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