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CPS At-Home Learning Program - FAQs

With the new CPS At-Home Learning Program, we want to provide an opportunity to address some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1) How do I register my student for the CPS At-Home Learning Program?

Go to and click on the CPS At-Home Learning tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on the link to complete the information to register

2) What if our family is new to the district?

The family is first required to enroll their students in the district through the district registrar located at the Chadron High School Office (432-0707). Then, if interested in participating in the CPS At-Home Learning Program, the simple registration process listed above would need to be completed as well.

3) Can my student still participate in after school activities, athletics or any other activity?

No. Students enrolled in the CPS At-Home Learning Program will not be eligible to participate in any activity, club or after-school programs.

4) What if my student has an IEP?

Students who qualify for special education services can enroll in the CPS At-Home Learning Program. Individual Education Plans may need to be adjusted to accommodate for the online learning at home. All IEP meetings will be conducted virtually as normally scheduled.

5) What if the school goes to 'Red', and teaches with remote learning like last spring. Will the school use the Acellus online software just like the CPS At-Home Learning Program?

No. Students enrolled to attend in the school would be taught by their same teachers and curriculum only in a remote setting if we go to a 'Yellow' or 'Red' status. Zoom and Google Classroom will predominantly be used to provide instruction.

6) What classes would my student take?

CMS students who enroll on Acellus will take grade level equivalent courses in math, reading/ELA, science and social studies. Visit to view a complete list of class offerings.

7) Could we wait until later in the semester to decide? Or try it then switch back to attending in the school building if we don't like it?

Unfortunately, no. The deadline to register for the At-Home Learning Program is August 21st. If a student begins school in the building on Aug. 17th, they have until Aug. 21 to decide whether to transfer to the At-Home Learning Program. Additionally, any student that is enrolled in the At-Home Learning Program will not be able to switch enrollment until the end of a semester. This allows for the continuity of instruction for both the students attending in person as well as at home.

8) Is tutoring available?

Parents who enroll their student in the At-Home Learning Program are assuming the responsibility for student learning. The Acellus learning software is designed to provide guided instruction with virtual teachers therefore, the school district will not provide additional tutoring.

9) What if we don't have internet or a device?

The CPS At-Home Learning Program is not a viable educational option unless the family can ensure internet access with a personal device (computer, chromebook, smartphone, etc.). The school district will not be able to provide a device or internet access for this option to learn at home.
10) Can my student receive school breakfasts or lunches?

Yes, we think... We're currently working on plans for a meal pickup during the week. This WILL NOT be the free program provided last spring, students will be charged accordingly either: full pay, reduced pay or free according to the Free/Reduced application guidelines.
11) Can my student attend CPS events as a spectator?

Yes. The student can still attend school events as a spectator, just not as a participant.

12) Is there any additional cost for my student to use the Acellus software for the At-Home Learning Program?

No. The school district has purchased the software licensing for our students to use Acellus for the At-Home Program. There will be no cost to the families.

13) Is there anything parents need to do after completing the registration?

No. As long as we have your enrollment information on Infinite Campus, we'll contact the parents/guardians to verify the request. We have some district staff set to be trained on Acellus on August 14th and we anticipate that it could take us another week to get your student enrolled in Acellus classes. We'll email the login directions once we completed each student's schedule.

We appreciate your patience as we proceed in this new endeavor. We anticipate the At-Home Learning Program to be fully available to requested students on/near August 24th. Feel free to call the middle school office if you have any other questions.

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