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Do You Know the Standard Response Protocols?

Chadron Public Schools has been proud to work with the iloveuguys Foundation to provide clear, plain, standard responses to emergency events. The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) has undergone a couple of changes in the past year. One is the change from the term "Lockout" to "Secure". 'Lockout' was too similar in sound as 'Lockdown' so the term was switched to maintain a clear understanding of the difference. The other change is the addition of "Hold", which simply asks students and staff to remain in their rooms during class.

Here are brief examples when each would be used in a school or activity setting:

"HOLD" - Keep students in classroom. Ex. A student has a seizure and medical staff need to enter the building without interruptions or distractions in the halls.

"SECURE" - No one enters or leaves the building because of a threat outside the building. Ex. Police are looking for a suspected criminal in the area near the school.

"LOCKDOWN" - Avoid, Deny, Defend. Ex. A threat is inside the building.

"EVACUATE" - Exit the building quickly and safely. Ex. A fire drill or actual fire in the building.

"SHELTER" - Take shelter in a safe area. Ex. Tornado drill or actual tornado warning in announced.

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