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Turnitin is Gone but now we have Google Originality Reports

Google Originality Reports  

    Google originality reports can be used in Google Classroom assignments.  If you want to use Originality Reports, simply click the checkbox next to "Check plagiarism(originality)".  This box is located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen when you are creating an assignment.  Below are some frequently asked questions.  

1.  What type of files do Originality Reports work with?

    Originality Reports only work with Google Docs.  

2.  Can students run Originality Reports on their own work?

        Students can run a report on their own work up to three times for each assignment.  If the teacher turns on Originality Reports before students submit their work, the students can run the reports prior to submission.  If the teacher turns on Originality Reports after student submission, the student will not be able to run the originality report until after the work is returned to them.  They can then resubmit the work if necessary. 

    Regardless of when the Originality Reports were checked off, the teacher will always be able to run the reports on student work.

3. How is an Originality Report created?

    The reports use Google Search to compare a student's Google Docs file against webpages and books on the internet.  Once teachers have access to G Suite Enterprise for Education account, the student's file will also be compared to other student work submitted in the board's domain. 

Originality Reports do not compare students' work against Google Scholar or students' work from external schools. 

4.  How long are Originality Reports kept?

    Google will automatically delete originality reports after 45 days, however, after this period, the teacher can run another originality report if desired.  Another option is to print the report to PDF and save it to Google drive. 

5.  What information is available in the Originality Report?

    The teacher has the ability to change the report from the number of flagged passages to the percentage of the student work that was flagged.  The teacher may also choose to highlight the flagged passages as well.  

        The teacher may also view the web content from which the passage was flagged by clicking on 'Web Matches'

If you would like more information on Google Originality Reports please visit Google's support page here

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