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Google Workspace - New features have been rolled out



Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) has rolled out some very useful features this week in Google Meet.

Breakout Rooms

  • This new feature allows you to create small groups within your Google Meet.  You can easily customize how many breakout rooms you would like to use, as well as randomize the groups or create specific groupings of participants.  When you are ready to go back to large group discussions, you can call all your participants back to the main room with a simple click of a button.  When testing out this long-awaited feature, it did not disappoint!
  • The polls feature allows you to pose 'multiple choice' type questions to the participants of your Google Meet.  You can easily manage when the polls are seen by your participants and if you would like your participants to see the results of the polls. What a great way to keep your participants engaged in the topic of conversation. 
Q and A
  • This feature allows your participants to pose questions to the moderator of the Meet.  Other participants can then 'upvote' the posted questions, which indicates that they also have the same question.  Upvotes allows the moderator to prioritize the questions that are asked.  The moderator also has control of the Q and A board with the ability to hide, delete, or mark questions as 'answered'.  The moderator can also customize what questions are shown using the filter or change the order in which the questions are displayed.


At the end of the Meet, the moderator will get reports, including results from the polls and the 'Q and A' board. As well, if there are more than five participants in the meet, the moderator will get an attendance report which outlines the log-in and log-out time for each participant and the length of time that the participant was in the Meet.  All of these reports are automatically emailed to the moderator at the conclusion of the Meet.

For more information on these new Google Meet features, please read the following tutorial.

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