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Annecy 2012

Some short films that I enjoyed at the Annecy animated film festival 2012 are below.  Many of the graduation films were fantastic but unfortunately they are not listed online.  Some of these premiered in previous years and were repeated this year.

Una Furtiva Lagrima, stop motion of a real fish's journey to dinner sung as (ironically happy) opera.  Brilliantly witty, sad, and funny.


Space Stallions, a mock 80's cartoon title sequence from film students in Denmark:

Une Historie Vertebrale, a romantic comedy about an L-shaped man,


Aalterate, an abstract meditation on rebirth through an eclipse rendered in varying 2D and 3D styles

Bydlo, allegory of struggle and conflict through claymation--of clay people

Koisuru Nezumi, a mouse falls in love with a cheese, with dialog seemingly translated through several languages and recited by a computer

Hi-no-youjin, love, loss, and the danger of fire in a historical Japanese city. Clever combination of orthographic and linear perspectives

Second Hand

The Centrifuge Brain Project, a seamless live action and animated faux science documentary

Moya Iyubov, a beautifully rendered tale of unrequited love in Russia painted on glass,

Tsukumo, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli,

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