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iEarn - Global Projects and Activities

Interested in connecting your students globally?  Check out these projects hosted by iEarn (International Education and Resource Network):

Money Matters Project invite you and your students to take part inMoney Matters project!

Students will be able to collaborate with students from different countries and learn more about money, they also will get into conversation about money, learn some facts about history of money and about money in other countries, discuss students’ pocket money and proverbs about money, make media products about money.

Holiday Card Exchange year more than 20,000 students from 314 schools in 42 countries participated in the Holiday Card Exchange. Did you miss it last year? Don't miss out this year! Learn how students in other countries celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid and other festivals. You'll receive mail from overseas and have fun preparing cards to send to reliable iEARN partners. Communicate online and share information about how special it is live and celebrate in your country. Click here to join in the fun: Holiday Card Exchange Registration
Unsure if this project will work for you? Check out the video that Sergey Glyzin (Russia) created for his class. Holiday Card Exchange Video

Solar Explorers Project
solar-explorers-main-image (2).jpg
Please join us in the Solar Explorers project. Students will research alternative energy sources with a focus on solar energy. They will look at the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all as a basis for their research and answer the question: Why is this goal important?
Students will then design, construct and test a solar cooker as an example of alternative energy use and compare their results with other schools. Enrollment for the project will take place in September and the project will run through October and November. The project will take place on the Solar Explorers forum in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

Our Story Book Story Book is a project to collect different ideas from diverse culture and countries to complete one amazing story. Students can contribute their ideas to the story, and also learn from others’ opinion. Our Story Book project runs twice a year and one story book is composed of the working from five groups, and each group has 10 days to work on a part of the book. The project duration is scheduled for 10 weeks. The completed books will be published by students in three different level of age and the suggested student’s numbers in each group is from 1 to 6.
Please register by October 7, 2016 to join the Our Story Book project from October 10 - December 18, 2016.

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