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The Hour of Code is coming during Computer Science Education Week: December 5-11!

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Have you signed up your event yet for this year? In a world where technology is changing everything, you’ve helped the Hour of Code introduce over 100 million students to computer science. Help us reach every student in 2016 with critical 21st century skills.

What’s new for this year?

We’re very excited to announce that our list of Hour of Code activities has just been refreshed with new content, an updated look, and a filter tool that will allow you to find the best activity for your classroom.
Some cool things about this refresh:
  • We’ve expanded our selection to include over 200 tutorials and lesson plans that introduce students to computer science in a variety of ways. Have fun exploring!
  • Has your class done the Hour of Code before? Maybe they’re even experts at certain puzzles. No problem. Use our new filters to discover more challenging activities that fit all grade and experience levels!
  • There are tons of other ways to filter activities, too: find offline tutorials, and activities that work with robots, iPads, Androids, and whatever other hardware your class has!
  • Want to connect computer science to social studies, math, or another subject? Use the new topic filter to find subject-specific activities. And encourage other subject area teachers at your school to sign up and try it in their classrooms too.
  • There are more updates to come through November, including a few surprise activities that your students will love. Follow @teachcode to get the latest!

For those who have never done the Hour of Code before, the basics of the campaign are still the same: Anybody can learn, no experience required, and it only takes an hour. But for veteran teachers, there are now lesson plans that let you guide students through more complicated activities.

We hope that our broad selection of activities will enable both newcomers and veterans to get the most out of their Hour of Code. This year, make an Hour of Code that is truly your own!

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