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Parent Training - Real Colors Provided by CHS Guidance Counselor

(Submitted by CHS Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Loni Watson)


Please consider joining me for a Real Colors Parenting Workshop on January 9th from 6 - 9 p.m. in the HS library.  Real Colors is a dynamic workshop experience using a personality type test. The goal is to provide parents with the skills to:
  • understand human behavior
  • uncover motivators specific to each temperament
  • improve communication with students
  • parenting strategies for emotional and mental health
The basis of this workshop is the Real Colors® Personality Type Test: a user-friendly, intuitive tool that identifies four personality types common to all people—Gold, Green, Blue, and Orange.
It all begins with the Real Colors workshop, in which participants:
  • gain an understanding of the four colors (each corresponding to a personality type)
  • discover where they fall as an individual on the Real Colors spectrum
  • learn to recognize student characteristics of each of the four colors
  • discuss with fellow workshop participants what it’s like to be each color and how to most effectively work with students of various colors
From the very beginning, participants begin to see the world from a new perspective…and have fun doing it!  We will invite ANY parent interested PK-12th grade.  Please RSVP with if you plan on attending.  The workshop will last the entire two hours but will be held at no cost!  We look forward to providing you with this workshop!

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