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Positive Descriptive Feedback at CMS

Over the past 3 years, Chadron Middle School (CMS) has been working to implement Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBiS) in our school. This process has included the introduction of universal, Tier I, classroom supports, formalized processes on how to consistently handle student behavior, and methods to assess program effectiveness. While we still have room for growth in these areas, and a lot work ahead of us as we implement Tier II and III supports, I am extremely proud of how hard our staff has worked to get Tier I supports in place.

In December, CMS introduced Positive Descriptive Feedback (PDF) to our faculty and staff. The idea behind PDF is that kids improve behavior through specific performance feedback that accurately describes the positive behavior that teachers, staff and administrators observe. Heather Gill, Chadron's PBiS coach, provided an in-service training to faculty and administration that explained the power of PDF and ways that we can begin to implement it in school. PDF is simple in concept, but it takes conscience effort to move away from nondescript praise like, "Good Job, that's correct" to descriptive feedback like, "I like the way that you explained your thought process to get the answer " and remembering that students who struggle are the students who need this kind of feedback most.

As we move into a new year and through the 2nd semester, it is my hope that everyone at CMS becomes comfortable with providing and receiving Positive Descriptive Feedback and that it has the intended outcome of helping to improve school climate, culture and student behavior. 

Best Wishes,

Nick Dressel
Chadron Middle School Principal

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