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Specification Game Gran Turismo 4 (PC)

game gran turismo 4

Gran Turismo
- Most gamers seem to be familiar with this one game. This game is a racing game developed by Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment. From the very beginning, this game has been known as a racing game that brings extraordinary simulation experience. For those of you who are not too familiar, the essence of a simulation racing game is to present a real driving experience. That offered gameplay elements, from physics to vehicle modifications will produce a different driving experience. Other things like weather to asphalt texture, for example, can also affect this. With an approach like this, you who are not a racer, can feel the pleasure of being a professional racer in a car with millions of dollars worth of technology.

Different from arcade racing games like Need for Speed ​​or Burnout, this game is built more like a cinematic action game with vehicles as the main focus. Although this game has been very long, but there are still many loyal fans who are looking for it. If you want to feel the sensation of driving in a luxury car like driving a real car, please try and download this game now.

This game can be played by all PC / Laptop users, using the help of the emulator PCSX2 v 1.6.0

Info :

  • Developer : Polyphony Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Publisher : Polyphony Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Seri : Gran Turismo
  • Release : December 28, 2004
  • Genre : Racing, Simulation, RPG
  • Mode : Single-player / Multiplayer

Screenshots :

map game gran turismo 4

garage game gran turismo 4

roleplay game gran turismo 4

How to Play :

1. Download game Gran Turismo
2. Extrack file have been downloaded
3. Open tools "PSCX2", click "CDVD" choose ISO, then "ISO selector" click browse.. Choose "Gran Turismo.iso"
4. Enjoy the game...

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