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Specification of Game House

game house

Game House - Hearing the word GameHouse, you must remember something or have played one of the games. GameHouse is a game company that has long been established, even many games have been launched such as finding frenzy, tetris, jigsaw, airstrike3d, and many more.

GameHouse was founded in 1998 by BenExworthy and GarrGodfrey who have a parent organization called RealNetworks. Even though GameHouse has been established for almost 22 years but until now it hasn't fallen, even GameHouse itself has released more than 2000 games that are spread all over the world.

Now if you still want to play all of these games, you can get them for free here. Please download.

Info :

  • Title : GameHouse
  • Organization : RealNetworks
  • Release : 1998
  • Genre : All games

Screenshots :

example for game house

gameplay game house

How to Play :

1. Download GameHouse
2. Extrack file have been downloaded
3. Open the folder "GameHouse", Choose what's your game needed.
4. Before playing enter the license key
5. Enjoy the game..

NB : License Key already into the folder.

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